Friday, 6 February 2009

Bring light to the people

Muiseze batu liseli
(Bring light to the people)
Kai ni kai mwa lifasi
(Throughout the world)
Muise taba za bupilo
(Bring the Gospel)
Kwa batu ba mishobo
(To all of humankind)

These words come from a powerful hymn in the Lozi hymnary, a hymn that is often sung by the Men’s Christian Fellowship when they meet. Last Sunday was such an occasion at the Mwandi Mission’s Jerusalem Church, where the Annual MCF Rededication Service took place in front of the congregation. The MCF individuals promise to set a good example of Christian love. The MCF, also called the Alume, was formed in the early 70s to encourage male communicants to share the Gospel with others, to become witnesses and to pray and encourage one another. The Jerusalem Church Choir was there in support. It was a busy time of worship with a visiting Minister, Reverend Lubasi from Livingstone preaching and celebrating Communion.

Jerusalem Church stands symbolically in the middle of the Mission between the school and hospital, showing that the Church is central to all that we do here as an institution with our various ministries – teaching, learning, nursing, healing, providing care of various sorts and spiritual formation. If we forget that or neglect that, then everything we are about loses focus and perspective. All our differences and diversity find their unity and fundamental meaning here.

So on Sunday we offered up everything we are and do to be used by God for God’s purposes in the world. Our Lord calls us to participate in the work of salvation here on earth, so we pledge ourselves and our labour to be used in his service according to his will and to bring his light, life and love into the dark places of this world.

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  1. Keith and Ida, so glad you are back home in Mwandi. This is my first blog response ever, and I look forward to being one of your followers. When you get a breather, please check my e-mail need for info from Kalembwe about his university fees. Looking forward to seeing you in April. I really liked your story about coincidences in Lusaka. We call them incidences; I like to think God out those folks on the street corner just to see if you had your servant antennae on. The two of you should write a book about your African life - a best seller, I'll wager! Greg